'A Time, A Place, Lending Space' by Lara Johnson-Wheeler

This is quite a whacked together playlist, not for everyone, but indicative of spaces in my head. I suppose it's eclectic and doesn't really lend to one mood or moment but, like a day, corresponds to numerous ups and downs, ins and outs. Detroit Spinners makes me want to put on flares and dance, Dawn Penn's City Life will follow you around when London's beating you down. Hannah Diamond is a controversial one- I'm yet to find someone else who loves her Crazy Frog ringtone sound too (hit me up if you're into it). Sister Nancy is quintessential Carnival, Ms Dynamite sounds like school, The Japanese House cools and calms. As for the rest, the spaces in between are no less key and no less relevant. Friends, acquaintances, countrymen! Lend me your ears.