'Calvin & Hobbes' by Stephanie Araneo

There is this comic—popular in the States, maybe not so much elsewhere— that has this uncanny ability to invoke intense feelings of (most of the time, unwanted) sentiment. Its premise is simple, following a young, impulsive boy and his stuffed tiger as they tackle day-to-day adventures like accidental trips to Mars, a cloning machine, and impressively artistic snowman creations. Relatable experiences, I know, but Calvin and Hobbes intersperse these chaotic bursts of imagination with some of the most profoundly introspective narratives that would make even their nominal, philosophical counterparts impressed. I used to wonder why I would become a weeping pile of pathetic mush after reading these comics, but after being in university for a few years, I get it. Seeing a six-year old coming to terms with the injustices, inconsistencies, and inconceivables of adulthood all while still messing around without a care, I have never felt more captured in a piece of art. Aren’t we all internally still in grade school but now expected to deal with godforsaken issues like taxes, job hunting, and living on minimum wage? Even in a town like St Andrews where everyone seemingly has their lives sorted, we can all identify with those periods of identity panics.  

This mix is chock-full of songs that, like the comic, make you smile, mellow out, and think about life. A compilation of newbies and oldies, spanning across all genres, because no one is immune to nostalgia and existential crises.