'Can't Be Arsed' by Kenalyn Ang

After a long day of doing nothing, it’s easy to lose any and all remaining energy as the late afternoon hits. This is a collection of songs representative of just that feeling: contentment, a little sleepy, a little sluggish, but chilled and enjoying your current state of being. You just might want to groove, shoulder shrug, and sway (in place), working on a fourth of your usual energy stores and slowly losing steam as the evening comes. Thus opening with The Cure’s The Lovecats is perfect for getting your foot tapping and any releasing any remaining energy. Midway, you encounter a light-hearted melody with Florence + the Machine, helping to keep you awake as you attempt to find something productive to do. A few minutes later, Matt Corby is singing you to sleep, murmuring in Oh Oh Oh, but a couple theme songs to two different movies (“Little Miss Sunshine” and “Zorba the Greek”) rouse you from your daydreams, and soon enough you’re on your feet once more. Ending with a Bee Gees classic (How Deep is Your Love) might make your afternoon feel like the productive day you should have had, as you sway and sing in unison with Barry’s falsetto.

This playlist is one of the oddest assortments of songs, featuring Louis Armstrong, some bubbly indiepop, and cool ‘indietronica’. Regardless, this playlist is a perfect pairing with any dilly dallies and daydreams.