'Ephraim and Ezra' by Kenalyn Ang 

The perfect accompaniment to usher in the autumn, this playlist features gypsy punk, indie folk, and more enchanting sounds, transporting you to a dusky late afternoon along a coastal European town. Begin with the folk song The Linden Tree, performed by the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, among others, and part of the soundtrack to the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel. The haunting, lulling quality of Y La Bamba’s eerie howls and hums awaken your ears, eventually petering off into snaps that evoke a soothing wooden percussion. Later, Department of Eagles and Maggie Rogers energize, Devotchka ebbs and flows with their reoccurring appearance here, and Father John Misty doesn’t fail to present his own couple of sob stories at the start and end.

The haunting vocals, minor keys and stringed instruments evident throughout this playlist induce a mixture of bittersweet nostalgia and quiet contentment, as soon, the words, the instrumentals, and the voices are washed into one.