Listening to Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You’? Cuz You Should Be


Words By Danielle Muldoon

Sunshine? check. Drink in hand? check. Lizzo’s album “Cuz I Love You” playing on a loop? check.

Lizzo’s third studio album is undoubtedly her best so far, and is set to be her most known as it enters the pop charts. The album comes after her EP released three years ago which included the chart topping single “Good as Hell”. This single does not feature on the album but if you’re looking for a similar empowering track the album offers “Juice” and “Like a Girl”.

The overarching themes of this album are love and positivity. Her tracks explore these themes through body positivity in “Exactly How I Feel”; self-love and self-appreciation in her “Soulmate”; positivity in a break-up by understanding that she deserves better in “Jerome”; and in the concluding track “Lingerie” through love for her partner and positivity in her sexuality as she sings about waits for him to arrive. Whilst the tone of the album radiates positivity the genres of the tracks vary widely. There is an electronic rock track in “Crybaby” and a Hip-Hop/R&B mash up in her collaboration with Missy Elliot “Tempo”. She also includes her rap verses in “Heaven Help Me” showing her versatility as an artist as well having the ability to create powerful, catchy tracks.  


A personal favourite has to be “Jerome” in which she is addressing an ex, presumably called Jerome, to leave the relationship because she realises she deserves someone better. The track is slower demonstrating a more typical R&B sound in comparison to other tracks, but the steady drum beat keeps the track fairly up-tempo. The lyrics of the track are inspired; she wishes the best for herself and him. This is not a typical break up anthem as she is not degrading in her words to him but somewhat praising him, noting his “pretty face”. This track will undoubtedly help anyone in a similar situation without losing their senses of completely trashing someone’s name, because at the end of the day that is only unhealthy for yourself. For me this is her most vulnerable track she admits her weakness in the relationship as well as showcasing his faults: there is a maturity in the track that we need to learn from.

Can’t let a pretty face distract me from business
And God as my witness, your ugly ass won’t either
— Lizzo, 'Jerome'


This album can be both for a day of sunshine to accompany the mood or a day where you need a little joy. In this album, regardless of your preference of genre, you will find at least one song in which you’re drawn to. And rest assured you will know the lyrics by the time it’s played for the fifth time on repeat.


Her lyrics are contagious but more importantly the positivity of her tracks are contagious too. Lizzo’s album is perfectly timed during a time of such upheaval, negativity and stress; we’re all needing a little positive energy which Lizzo is able to provide. In summary, stream or download or buy Lizzo’s album “Cuz I Love You” and you will not be disappointed, I promise.